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Karuizawa’s best place to go

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Karuizawa’s recommended sight  seeing places to visit

Karuizawa is the most famous summer resort area in Japan, but where should we go for sight seeing?
You may know about Karuizawa shopping mall or Karuizawa Ginza,which is in the central Karuizawa of shopping street, but what else could we enjoy while we stay?


Karuizawa ‘s recommended nature

Karuizawa is filled with beautiful nature, but what is different from your home town’s nature?
It is actually not different if you do not choose where to go and what you see.

Kumobaike Pond

My best recommended nature to see is Kumobaike Pond.
Kumobaike is located near Roppontsuji in Karuizawa, where many luxury villas of famous rich people are there.
Kumobaike Pond is originally owned by Ishibashi family which is Bridgestone’s founder, but gave it to Karuizawa town for relaxation for people visiting Karuizawa. Kumobaike Pond is called “Swan Lake” by local residents.
You can go around the pond to see the beautiful reflexion of the trees on the pond from many angle. If you are lucky you can meet with ducks or swan playing on the pond.


Kumobaike in summer

軽井沢自然満喫観光 雲場池

Kumobaike in fall

Walk in the forrest

Sunlight through the leaves of trees can be seen beautifully in a morning in after the rain. Please get up early in the morning and make the walk around the Kumobaike Pond.



Shiraitonotaki Fall

You can’t walk to a waterfall of Shiraitonotaki Fall from Karuizawa station, but it’s possible to go by a car or a bus.It is located along the Shiraito Highlands way which ties Karuizawa (Nagano-ken) and Kita-karuizawa (Gunma-ken). The gap is the 3 m rest, but the width comes to 70 m. It’s the biggest tourist spot in Shiraito highland way area at present.

軽井沢自然満喫観光 白糸の滝

Shiraitonotaki fall


Recommended spots in Karuizawa

It isn’t known  outside that you can take a hot spring excursion at Karuizawa. There are two hot spring spots in Karuizawa. One is Hoshino-onsen , and the other is Sengataki-onsen.

Hoshino-onsen (Hoshino hot spring)

The old days are called Akaiwa spa, and it’s said that the Hoshino hot spring was the completion of hot spring for Kusatsu hot spring. Source bowling was performed by Kasuke Hoshino who was carrying on a silk-reeling industry in 1913 (1913), and the name of a hot spring to Hoshino hot spring after the developer’s name. Using the hot spring  source, Hoshino hot spring hotel in an inn started the business in 1914 (1914). Tekkan Yosano and Akiko Yosano call it “Morning star house” then they’re said to be a godparent of the hotel. A large number of literati had found it as a suitable location in a summer retreat. Japanese famous literati like Kitahara Hakushu, Tekkan Yosano, Yosano Akiko, Shimazaki Toson, Torahiko Terada and Bokusui Wakayama and others  stayed there. Day trip bathing facilities “Tonbonoyu hot spring” is founded  in April, 2002 for the tourists .


軽井沢温泉観光 トンボの湯

Entrance of Tonbonoyu(hoshinoonsen) Hot Spring


軽井沢温泉観光 トンボの湯

Inside of Tonbonoyu(Hoshinoonsen) Hot Spring

Sengataki Hot Spring

In Taisho Period , Koujirou Tsutsumi, Seibu group, bought 1,800,000 m2 of forests and fields in Higashi Nagakura (present Karuizawa-machi) Kutsukake in a waterfall hot spring, and established  the new road, the constructed hotels and the sold  villas. Karuizawa ice skating center opened  in January, 1956, and Karuizawa Skating Center Hotel was opened in July, 1977. (It was changed to Karuizawa Sengataki Hot Spring Hotel later.)  by which bathing facilities were established in the center of skate continues running it as day trip bathing facilities in 1993 after a hotel and a center of skate close on March 31, 2009 for aging.


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